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La Lista:
Indirizzo: Via Donna Dora Pucci, 1
87071 Amendolara Marina (CS) Italia
Tel. Info e Prenotazioni
+39 338 7740226
+39 392 0426656
+39 3920467142

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The Restaurant Villaggio Agrituristico La Lista in Calabria.

The dining room of this farmhouse has well established culinary tradition of genuine sophistication and originality.
The pleasure of a day at sea continues at the table, enjoying the typical dishes of Calabria, tasting genuine dishes based on local product, but with a touch of sophistication of the biggest restaurants. Do not miss one of our inventions, the dumplings banana (a warm appetizer seasoned with tomato sauce,bacon and a local cheese,pecorino): a sweet delight that you will not eat anywhere else in the world.
It 'clear that the closeness to the sea means that among the dishes offered there are many based on fresh fish. Are reminded the polyp with pomegranate or with gorgonzola, the nudicella o sardicella (little sardines and chilli), Risotto with Champagne and clams and sea bass, pebbles of the sea (dumplings) or the cavatelli with sauce of monkfish, the pacchere with seafood, the orecchiette with squid,spicy chicory and pecorino.
The excellent fresh fish, however, should not obscure dishes such as pasta or rice to the vegetable scents, the ferrazzuoli with tomato, basil and salt ricotta, the lagana e ciceri (a pasta and chickpeas typically local), lamb baked or stewed, the diced pork with Calabrian figs, Fresh of the farm in August, dry in other seasons. very good is the organization of dinners and receptions, outdoors - around an oven and two great barbecue: self-service countryman style.

Dinners Country

Dinners country are made to be a meeting less tedious and long: a real ordeal for those forced by circumstances to not be able to leave a wedding, a birthday, a Communion, a Confirmation dinner, or any other event which usually takes place in very long time that put a severe test not only digestion, but also the nervous system of the hosts.
At first the dinner is placed outdoors with accommodation at the tables, but with the opportunity to move, to meet not only the persons sitting in front of table, to choose the foods that most likes, enjoying good music in the background that do not break the ears, but with gentle caresses. A series of " groundwork " prepar on the ground the "victuals".
Two or three ovens cook all the time white pizza that can replace white bread, which bread is already out in the morning by the same oven.
At the end of cooking pizza, chefs devote their attention to the roast meat , to big pan of hot side dishes that draw fragrance flame of the ideas of greatest interest. One or two barbecues are running for the preparation of grilled meat or fish.
Succulent fillets of cod, fried seasonal vegetables, meatballs with meat or fish.
The kitchen inside will take care of first courses and desserts, they will be served a buffet where everyone can eat at will. Persons will move from the table to the buffet to fill their dishes and go back to the table for eat, as well as for the drinks. Will in fact set up a table with white or red wine, beer, coca cola and mineral water, on a second table, there will be the fruit and sweet.
For the lazy people or who have mobility difficulties are available some waiter who can serve at the table.
If the weather is bad, the dinner will be served in the Michelangelo Room. it will be an evening to be remembered for long time.

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