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La Lista:
Indirizzo: Via Donna Dora Pucci, 1
87071 Amendolara Marina (CS) Italia
Tel. Info e Prenotazioni
+39 338 7740226
+39 392 0426656
+39 3920467142

Park Children Football Field Ping Pong Sub School   

THE SPORT. Farm Holiday Village La Lista in Calabria.

The Sport in the village is not like gyms cold and boring. Here the sport is fun
From children's playground, to the soccer balilla, ping pong, pool, bowls, Volleyball, soccer at 5.

Then there is a school of diving that accompanies students in the waters of the depths between 20 and 30 meters in depth, offering scenarios worthy of the Red Sea and fish in quantity .... but not only to photograph. 

Football Field.
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